Common Reasons To Call A Boiler Repair Service In Denver, CO

Posted on: 20 December 2013

There are several common reasons that a homeowner may need to call a boiler repair service in Denver, CO. Knowing what to look for and when to call in boiler repair companies in Denver, CO can be helpful. It is important that your boiler is well cared for. This is not an appliance that you want to take chances with. A good boiler repair service in Denver, CO can not only repair common boiler problems, but they can provide maintenance as well. Proper maintenance can help you to become aware of issues, before they become big problems. It is a good idea to set up a regular maintenance schedule with a boiler repair service in Denver, CO. Someone should come out each year to inspect and clean the boiler. While some homeowners try to do this themselves, they often do not have the skills and know how needed to spot potential dangers. If you do decide to do the job yourself, you will have to do a complete and thorough visual inspection in addition to cleaning the appliance and changing or cleaning the filter. Lack of heat is one of the most common reasons that a boiler repair service in Denver, CO is called. There are a number of reasons a boiler may fail to provide heat. The repair person will do some troubleshooting in order to determine the exact cause. A blockage in the pipework, a build up of deposits inside the boiler, or a problem with the pump could all be the reason that you are not getting heat. Your boiler could also just need to be bled. Leaks are another issue that can crop up with boilers. Reasons for leaks could be old and corroded pipes that need to be replaced or repaired. Fittings could also have become lose or worn. Your boiler professional will be able to determine the problem and fix it. Water leaks can also result in the boiler having inadequate pressure, which means that it will not produce the heat that it should. In some cases, your boiler is fine and the problem is the thermostat. A thermostat is not working correctly, it is likely not reading the temperature accurately. The result is, that your boiler will not get the message to send more heat. You may need to have one or more of the thermostats in your home replaced. If this is the case, it is a good time to think about having a programmable thermostat installed. These can be set to turn the heat up before you get out of bed in the morning, or before you come home from work. It can be set to lower the heat once you are in bed, or after you leave the house. Programmable thermostats are a good way to save energy, which means monetary savings for you. A boiler's pilot going out is another common problem. While this can happen from time to time for unexplained reasons, it the pilot continues to go out it is an issue. If you find that the pilot is out and you relight it, it should stay lit. If the pilot continues to go out time after time, the most likely cause is the thermocouple. This is a sensor that works to monitor the amount of heat. When it is bad, the pilot will not stay in and the thermocouple must be replaced. Fortunately, this is an easy and inexpensive fix. Many homeowners actually do this themselves. However, if you are at all uncomfortable working on your boiler, it is best to leave it alone and call in a professional. If for no other reason, than your peace of mind. For more information, contact HomeSmart From Xcel Energy or another local boiler repair company. Share