• Times When You Should Replace The Windows

    Your windows are important to your home and your family. The windows let all that natural light come inside to create a more cheerful home. They also allow you to enjoy the view outside while you are inside. They can be opened to let in fresh air and closed in the summer or winter when you are trying to get the interior to a comfortable temperature with the HVAC system. The windows also lock to keep intruders out.
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  • 5 Signs That It's Time for Pool Screen Repair

    You depend on your pool screen for safety, as well as to protect the pool area from debris and bothersome insects. A damaged screen enclosure requires prompt repair in order to function properly. 1. Patchwork Repairs A tear or two on a pool screen can easily be repaired with a screen patch, a job that you can often do yourself. If there are many tears, however, the screen will look like unattractive patchwork with all the necessary repairs.
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  • Top Reasons To Replace Your Old Windows With Single-Hung Windows

    If you live in a home that is more than a decade old, replacing your old windows is a wise investment. However, there are a variety of different types of windows available, so you have plenty of choices and options available as you move forward with your window replacement project. If you're serious about replacing the windows in your home, you should seriously consider going with single-hung windows to replace your current windows.
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