5 Signs That It's Time for Pool Screen Repair

Posted on: 7 June 2021

You depend on your pool screen for safety, as well as to protect the pool area from debris and bothersome insects. A damaged screen enclosure requires prompt repair in order to function properly.

1. Patchwork Repairs

A tear or two on a pool screen can easily be repaired with a screen patch, a job that you can often do yourself. If there are many tears, however, the screen will look like unattractive patchwork with all the necessary repairs. At this point, it would make more sense to have the enclosure re-screened by a repair service. 

2. Rusty Hardware

Most screening material is rust-resistant, but the hardware that holds it in place may not be. Over time, fasteners, bolts, and clips can begin to rust or corrode. If ignored, the discoloration can get onto the frame and screening of the enclosure and create unattractive stains. A repair service can replace the fasteners and clean the enclosure to remove any stains that have begun to form. 

3. Brittle Mesh

Over time, sun exposure and weathering can make the mesh brittle. This is especially true for nylon screens, but even metal screening can be affected. When this happens, the screen will become more prone to tears and it may even begin to tear away from the enclosure frame. Fortunately, there is no need to replace the entire enclosure. You only need to have the frame re-screened by a repair service and you can enjoy many more years of service from the pool enclosure. 

4. Sagging Screening

Pool screens should be stretched tautly over the frame. Age, wind, and other damages can stretch an older screen so that it begins to sag. In some cases, a repair service can tighten the screen by pulling it back to tautness and refastening it in place. It may make more sense to re-screen any areas that have developed a major sagging problem in other cases. 

5. Damaged Supports

The supports or frame of the enclosure are usually made of metal, although some models may have wooden supports. Over time, paint can fleck off the supports and they may even suffer damages. Bent or broken supports, for example, compromise the integrity of the screen. Damaged supports can be replaced, while fading paint simply requires a fresh coat. If the damages are extensive, it may be more effective to simply replace the entire enclosure.

Contact a pool enclosure screen repair service if you need more help.