Scream & Shout & Scare Those Pests Out: 3 Audible Solutions to Get Rid of Home Invaders

Posted on: 28 July 2016

Keeping pests away from your home doesn't always mean that you have to eliminate the problem by killing the animals off. Instead of using poison or traps, you can seek humane options that keep the pests off of your property and deter them from returning to your home. One way to focus on pest control for your home is by using sound solutions. Pest control companies have plenty of different options when it comes to using sound devices to help ward off insects and animals. By understanding the different options that are available, you can make the best selections for the services that you need. Sound technology has come a long way in providing pest control assistance and ways to keep them away for good.

Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

Mice and various insects like ants have the ability to hear at a much higher frequency than humans. This enables the use of high-pitched sounds to get emitted through your home without impacting your everyday hearing. These sounds can cause confusion and disorientation for any pest that is trying to seek shelter in the home. A pest control company has the ability to install a wired ultrasonic pest repeller in your home. These larger systems can work in multiple rooms, but is typically centralized in the main location where pests are found. For example, an ultrasonic system may be installed in the attic of your home. The whole system will cover the whole attic area and deter any animals from making their way inside.

The technology can be set to run on a continuous basis or by using a timer. Some of the more advanced models also feature a cell phone app connection. By downloading the app, you can access the controls and use the ultrasonic device as needed.

Ultrasonic Lawn Stakes

Emitting ultrasonic has its limits. A number of pests that travel underground may avoid the open-air sounds and still gain access to your property. One solution to this is with the use of ultrasonic lawn stakes. The stakes are inserted into the ground. The tip of the stake provides the speaker uses to create sounds and vibrations that rumble through your lawn. A pest control worker can determine the best locations of the stakes and place them on your property. Underground pests like moles, ants, and centipedes can all be deterred from your property thanks to the stakes.

The ultrasonic lawn stakes are typically powered by small solar panels on the top of the device. These panels can collect power and store it in an internal battery. The battery provides you with enough power to operate the stakes overnight. the number of stakes needed on your lawn is determined by the range of the specific stake and the size of your lawn. A pest control company can complete the calculations and help you set up stakes that will not interfere with your everyday use of the yard.

Property Lines Surround Sound

One of the best ways to control pests on your property is to keep them from even entering. Once pests are removed, you can keep them away for good by choosing a property line ultrasonic surround sound. Ultrasonic sound devices can be set up all along your property lines to create an invisible barrier that helps keep the pests away. Each device can be set to different frequencies that focus on different types of pests like rats or beetles. This ensures that a majority of pets are covered during the process and your home is kept pest-free for an extended amount of time. Batteries or corded power options can be used for these devices.

Consult with pest control companies like Ace Walco & Sons Termite & Pest Control to see the different types of technology that is available and ways to fit them into your pest control budget.