Three Rules For Keeping A Freezer Outside Of Your Kitchen

Posted on: 31 December 2017

Those who prefer to keep a food surplus or those who run a catering business out of their home will need to have more freezer room than standard refrigerators offer. If one of these cases apply to you, you may need to install a freezer to hold the extra food. Often, there is not enough space to keep an extra freezer inside of the home. In these cases, you may need to place the freezer on the patio, porch, or an inside-outside room. Here are three rules for keeping a freezer outside of the kitchen. 

Keep the area surrounding the freezer completely clean

Despite being outside of the kitchen, the area around the freezer needs to be as clean as you would keep the space around your regular refrigerator. be sure to cordon off the area around the freezer so that it is inside of its own little space. The freezer should not be susceptible to the elements such as rain or snow. This can cause the freezer temperature to become unstable and it can begin to deteriorate the outside of the freezer. If possible place the freezer inside of a space that is temperature controlled and keep it covered so that it remains spic and span.

Hire a sub-zero repair service for regular checkups

Though your food may remain frozen, it can sometimes happen that your freezer temperature becomes destabilized. The refrigerator could also have intermittent cooling problems that cause the freezer to thaw out then refreeze before you are able to tell. This can cause food spoilage as well as unsafely kept food items. To keep these issues at bay, you should hire a sub-zero repair service to come to inspect your freezer a few times a year. They will be able to determine if the temperature gauge is running correctly, if the freezer is operating without any strain, and if the conditions that the freezer is being kept in are proper. 

Keep a lock on the freezer

While a lock on the freezer can seem like an inconvenience every time you need to grab something, the safety of food must be paramount. If the freezer is kept in a patio room or a garage, you want to make sure that no one from the public has food access at any times. Add a keyed lock of a keypad lock to the freezer to be sure that only you and anyone else explicitly granted permission may access any of the food items kept in the sub-zero refrigerator. 

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