Always Had Problems Growing Plants? Tips On Trying Hydroponics Systems

Posted on: 3 January 2019

If you have always had problems growing plants in the traditional away, another way to grow them is by using hydroponics. Below is information about what hydroponics is, different types of hydroponic systems you can use, as well as tips on using grow lights for the plants.


With hydroponics, you do not use any type of soil to grow plants. Instead you use a water-based solution that is rich in nutrients. The roots of each plant are supported by a medium, such as vermiculite, peat moss, clay pellets, or perlite. All these mediums can be purchased at a garden center.

With hydroponics, the roots of the plants directly contact with the medium solution that you choose. The roots also have access to oxygen, which is important for the plants to grow healthy.

Two Different Hydroponic Systems

Once you choose to use hydroponics, there are different types of systems you can choose from including:

Aeroponics Method

With the aeroponics method, the roots are suspended in the air, and the roots are also misted with a nutrient-rich solution that you can purchase at a garden center. There are two ways you can get the solution on the roots. One method is using a spray nozzle that will mist the roots. Another method is using a pond fogger. This fogger puts off a fog type mist, and all roots will be covered with the nutrient evenly. How many spray mists or foggers that are used depends on how many plants you plant.

Reservoir Method

The reservoir method is also known as Deepwater Culture. This is the easiest type of system you can use. You first plant the plants in the nutrient solution that you choose, and the roots are suspended. An air pump, generally an aquarium pump, is used to oxygenate the solution. The pump is important as it helps keep the roots suspended so they do not sit completely in water. The main benefit of choosing the reservoir method is that you do not have to use spray or drip emitters.

Grow Lights

Sunlight is important for plants, and the sun provides a complete spectrum of lighting that includes a variety of colors, such as red, yellow, blue, and violet. You can purchase grow lights that puts out the same spectrum as the sun if you do not have any windows that can provide the sunlight.

There are two different types of grow lights you can choose from: Fluorescent and LED.

Florescent lights work well to grow plants or to supplement the sunlight. These lights are generally weak, however, so you have to place the tubes a few inches over the plants for them to work well.

LED grow lights are more expensive, but they are more economical as they use less electricity and the lights last longer. You will find a lot of LED lights when you shop for lamps or other lighting in your home. You do need to make sure what you purchase are actual grow lights. One main advantage of LED lights is they emit less heat, and you can place them further above the plants.

Talk with a company that sells hydroponic grow lights about these types, and they can explain them to you in more detail. You should also speak with a company that provides hydroponics systems, so they can help you choose what would work best for you.