Customizing Your Cabinets: Why Your Kitchen Isn't Complete Without Cabinet Accessories

Posted on: 24 June 2019

With numerous cabinet options, such as KraftMaid cabinets, contracting companies can give you lots of ways to create a brand-new kitchen. Style, color, finish, and even the size of cabinets for both on the floor and the walls create endless possibilities. You may even need to hire an interior decorator to see how much cabinet space you have and where you can put the new cabinets to get maximum cabinets, storage, and countertop space. However, a customized kitchen is not complete until you add cabinet accessories. Here is why. 

Too Much Empty Space Is Inefficient

A lot of cabinets, regardless of how nice they are and the number of shelves they have, frequently have unused "air space." This is space that could be better utilized if you get certain accessories for your cabinets and install those accessories. Then you would be utilizing a lot more of the available space inside the cabinets, and you would have more storage than before. It also ends the clutter of stacking several pots and pans up on top of each other or having a discombobulated drawer of food storage containers. 

Newer Cabinets Are Not as Deep as Older Cabinets

People are often shocked after they install new kitchen cabinets. There are two reasons for this. One, the newer cabinets are not as deep as the old cabinets, so there is more floor space in the kitchen. Two, they may have found a way to install more cabinets, but somehow, they have even less storage for all of the stuff that they had in the old kitchen cabinets. A perfect resolution to this weird space anomaly in cabinetry is to maximize the space inside all of the cabinets you have installed. That generally involves installing pull-out drawers, special stacking accessories, and drawer dividers that help you put more stuff in less cabinet space (even though you have more cabinets now than you did before!). 

You Can Never Underestimate the Value of Ease of Use and Convenience

It is so much easier to reach pans, mixing bowls, and storage containers in the backs of cabinets if you do not have to sit on the floor or reach above your head to get them. Various cabinet accessories make it possible to bring these kitchen essentials all the way out into a reachable place so that you can pluck them out and not have to reach in deep. Ease of use and convenience is what you want more of, not less.