3 Ways To Keep Your Carpet Spotless After Getting Professional Cleaning

Posted on: 8 November 2019

If you live in a carpeted home, you may know how dirty the carpet can get in a short time, especially when compared to other floor types such as hardwood, laminate, or tile. But you may appreciate a lot of the other carpet qualities, which may encourage you to keep your carpet.

And if enjoy your carpet and you are about to get carpet cleaning service, you may want to avoid getting it dirty shortly after the professionals leave. While the carpet will get dirty over time regardless of what you do, you can do an excellent job of keeping the carpet spotless for a while using certain methods.

Window Screens

A great investment to make for your home is window screens because opening the windows might otherwise expose your house's interior to a lot of floating dirt and grime. While the screens will not be able to stop everything from coming through, you can rely on it keeping most large dirt particles from floating through the window and onto the carpeting. Installing these screens on all windows and keeping them in superb condition will give you long-lasting cleaning results.


While you may have a front entryway that most people come through, you may also have several other entry points such as the garage and backyard. Preparing these entryways for your family to enter the home at any time is important if you want to keep your carpet from getting dirty.

If these areas are carpeted, you should strongly consider replacing the carpet with durable and easy-to-clean flooring such as laminate or tile. This way, you can focus on keeping all the dirt and grime from your household's shoes on the entryway flooring and away from the carpeting.


Covering up your carpet is sometimes the best option for keeping it clean because you cannot expect high-traffic areas to remain clean for an extended time frame. Fortunately, since you have been living in your home for a while, you should be able to tell where the highest foot traffic is occurring because these are the areas where your carpet has likely sustained the most wear.

Instead of trying to clean these spots more often after you get them cleaned professionally, you should place your efforts into picking up rugs that can provide complete coverage.

If you would like to keep your carpet spotless and in great condition through the years, you will want to put a lot of effort into this process after investing in carpet cleaning service. For more information, companies like Bravo Cleaning & Restoration can help.