Benefits Of Having Granite Countertops Installed In Kitchens And Bathrooms

Posted on: 30 December 2019

When all that can be said about granite countertops' beauty is heard of, always remember that there are many other benefits that you get from the purchase and installation of granite countertops. To begin with, you won't have to think about lasting stains on your shimmering and glossy new countertops. That's only the beginning of what granite installation in your kitchen and bathrooms does to these rooms. You'll be enjoying your granite countertops for years in the future.

Other Benefits From Granite Countertops

The materials in granite countertops are undoubtedly really tough. That makes it tougher than even the option of using Formica. Granite resists scratches and cutting marks. So it is an extremely durable countertop. You can slice and cut up onions, scallion, and other seasonings and not have to worry about damaging the countertops. What is this about resisting heat? Well yes, it's true that when you handle hot cooking pots, you can place them right there out of the way on the granite counter that's installed next to your stove range. Since kitchens are designed with large spaces these days, you won't have to wander around looking for space to place your hot pots or pans. Just slide the pots over and leave them on a countertop or place them on a granite-covered center table behind you, and carry on your meal preparations.

Adding Value To Your House

By installing granite counters in your kitchen, you just added more dollar-value to your house should you decide later on to sell the home. Everyone knows that granite is eco-friendly, and it does appeal to prospective home buyers when you put your home up for sale on the market. Granite counters retain its natural appearance and also retains a high sheen, which enhances the material's natural pattern. That kind of beauty is evident because the counters are available in speckled and marbled patterns.

Proper Counter Sealing That Is Not Porous

The sealing job done by a professional, when counters are being installed, ensures that nothing will soak into its surface. That's because granite is not porous. You won't have to worry about bacteria or dirt and other possible grime collecting on your kitchen granite countertops. Because of its smooth surface, all you have to do is clean up messes from spills and kitchen preparations. Obviously, bathroom granite counters discourage bacteria build-up in bathrooms. What you have to do is regularly wipe away spills and water settling on the bathroom countertops.

Cleaning And Care Of Granite Countertops

Refrain from using regular household cleaners on your granite countertops. Such cleaners can damage granite. Use a specifically made cleaner that contains a pH-neutral formula. Read the product label before purchasing it to see what materials are in your cleaning selection. Remember to clean your granite countertops weekly.