Tips for Office Plants

Posted on: 18 March 2020

It's no secret that plants can really perk up an office by bringing in a bit of greenery and fresh air. Office plants also help cut down on indoor air pollution, which is why real plants and not artificial plants are the preferred way to go. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to care for and maintain plants in the low light conditions found in many offices, not to mention keeping up with watering and other maintenance chores.

The following can help ease the maintenance and care of indoor office plants.

Hire a Plant Service

An interior plant service is like a gardener, but they focus on indoor office plants as opposed to the exterior landscaping. Your service will handle weekly watering, fertilization, and trimming of the plants. They should also deal with any problems, such as pest or disease infestations, as well as more periodic tasks, such as repotting or dividing of plants as they outgrow their location. A quality plant service is like any maintenance service you bring in. They should be insured and able to provide references to other clients, especially if they will be tending to the plants outside of normal business hours or given a key for after-hours entry onto the premises.

Select the Right Plants

Not all plants are well suited to the indoors. In an office environment, you need to select slower growing plants that can thrive in lower light conditions. In general, this means focusing on foliage plants as opposed to most flowering plants, although there are some exceptions. Many plant care services can help you select the optimum plants for your specific office layout. This typically means a combination of taller, tree-like plants such as ficus, and smaller potted plants, such as money plants and peace lilies. Hanging baskets with trailing foliage plants can also be utilized to take advantage of higher windows where more light is available.

Consider a Lease Program

If you are unsure about investing in a lot of plants, particularly if you are worried about how well they will survive in your office, find out if leasing is available. Many plant care services will actually lease out office plants as well as care for them. If a plant doesn't survive or fails to thrive in your office, the service then swaps it out for a better selection at no loss to you. More so, leasing can allow you to switch plants seasonally to better take advantage of the available light in your office.

Contact an interior plant service for more help.