Installing A Lawn Sprinkler System? Be Sure To Select The Right Sprinkler Heads

Posted on: 26 June 2020

If you are tired of getting out the garden hose to water your grass, you may be looking into a lawn sprinkler solution that will automate the process for you. Here are some things to know about selecting the right sprinkler heads to make the system work properly.

Pop Up Sprinkler Heads

You have a couple of options when it comes to the types of sprinkler heads that you install. While you can get a sprinkler head that is permanently above ground to save some money, this type of sprinkler head is likely to break over the years. Someone may trip over it, or it gets hit by a lawnmower. That's why it is best to use a pop-up sprinkler head.

A pop-up sprinkler head is hidden beneath the surface since it sits inside a canister. When that canister fills up with water, the sprinkler head has enough pressure to pop from the ground so that it can work. The spray pattern can then be set for each pop-up sprinkler head, so that water can be aimed towards a garden bed rather than having water wanted by spraying the nearby fencing. 

Impact Sprinkler Heads

When you imagine a sprinkler, you are likely thinking of an impact spray head. As the sprinkler head rotates, it ejects small bursts of water to distribute it across your lawn. You can limit the rotation of the impact sprays so that it doesn't move in a full circle, such as if you want to prevent water from going onto a driveway. These impact sprayer heads tend to be very affordable and can get the job done quite well.

Rotor Sprinkler Heads

The best way to cover your lawn with water with the least amount of sprinklers is with rotor sprinkler heads. When compared to other sprinkler heads, rotor style sprinklers are capable of throwing water the farthest distance away from where the sprinkler head is located. The water comes out in a continuous stream as the sprinkler head evenly rotates to cover your lawn. The sprinkler heads are also much quieter than an impact sprayer, which may be a concern of yours where you don't want to hear the sprinklers running

Selecting the right sprinkler head is only part of the job when it comes to installing a sprinkler system. Work with a professional in your area to do it all for you, since they will make sure that you have enough water pressure flowing to each sprinkler head for them to work properly. Visit a website like to learn more.