5 Reasons To Upgrade To Backlit House Numbers

Posted on: 27 June 2022

Every home needs visible numbering, not just for convenience but also because it may be required in some municipalities. Backlit numbers are an excellent option to consider.

1. Visibility

Do guests and delivery drivers have difficulty finding your home once the sun goes down? If so, then backlit house numbers can solve the problem. These numbers are highly visible from the street and from nearly any angle. You can even find styles with different colored lights, which can make the numbers even more noticeable if you are still concerned about your home being passed by.

2. Attractiveness

Standard house numbers tend to be a bit plain, with only a few choices of fonts and materials. You won't be limited to one plain style of numbers with backlit options. You can find backlit numbers in highly modern cut acrylic or classic but sleek powder-coated metal. The numbers themselves are available in nearly any font or color desired, with lighting emanating from behind the cut numbers or the numbers installed on a light box.

3. Longevity

Lighted numbers have a long life. The numbers themselves last for many years because they are designed to withstand the elements, from rain and wind to UV light and temperature extremes. Modern backlit numbers are equipped with LED bulbs, which can last for years and are completely replaceable once they do eventually wear out. Even better, this longevity requires little maintenance other than wiping the dust off the numbers every once in a while.

4. Versatility

Not every house is the same. On some homes, the best place for the numbers is by the door or on an entrance awning. For other homes, a sign on an entry walk lamp post or decorative boulder near the drive is the most visible spot to place the numbers. Fortunately, there are styles of backlit numbers for any place or installation type, so you are sure to find the perfect style for your home's needs.

5. Adaptable

One often overlooked benefit of backlit numbers is that they adapt well enough to both night and day usage. Since the number is made of solid materials, it is just as easy to see in the daytime, even when it isn't backlit. Further, the number can still be seen if there is a power outage, although many models have battery backup for just such an eventuality.

If you are ready to update your home's numbers, then consider backlit house numbers.