2 Things Your Awning Installer Needs To Know Before Installing Your Awnings

Posted on: 5 October 2022

Awnings are a great way to get shade for your house. Awnings can be installed over your windows to keep the sun from shining into your windows. You can have an awning installed over your patio which will let you use your patio when it's hot or even when it's raining. You can get awnings that are permanently open or you can choose to get retractable awnings, which will let you choose when you want to have them open. When you get your awnings, an installer is going to have to come to your house and install them for you. The installers will need to know a few things before they can install your awnings for you. 


One of the things they need to know is where on your house you want to have your awnings installed. There are a limited number of places where the awnings can be installed, so the installers will need to know where you want them so they can tell you if the location will work or not. Some of the places where your awnings can be installed on your house include on the walls of your house and on the soffits. The soffits are the underside of your eaves or the overhang of your roof. The soffits can be covered by a number of materials, and the awnings can be attached to that material, as long as it is strong enough. 


The installer is also going to need to know how high the awning is going to be. In general, the awning's height is going to need to be measured from a level spot around the bottom of your house. Measuring from a level area will make sure that all awnings are the right height and are level all the way around the house. Not only do the awnings have to be a minimum height, but they also have to be a minimum height above the doors and windows where the awnings are going to be. 

If you want to add a new shade to your house for added functionality and comfort, you might want to think about getting awnings installed on your house. Retractable awnings can be installed over your doors or windows so that you can have shade when you want it. You can also have an awning installed over your patio if it gets too much sun because that can make it too hot or bright for you to want to use on a regular basis.  

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