Embarking On A Healthier Lifestyle? Change The Way You Obtain Your Tap Water

Posted on: 12 July 2018

Eating healthier foods, working out regularly, and getting plenty of rest can help you feel and look your best throughout your lifetime. You may even drink plenty of water to keep healthy. But the quality of your tap water may actually harm your health than protect it. Depending on your city, your tap water could harbor pathogens and chemicals that could make you sick. You can learn more about your tap water and how to make it safer to drink below.
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4 Tips To Keep Your Dry Stone Wall Looking Great All Year Long

Posted on: 28 May 2018

Dry stone walls are an ancient technique that results in beautiful structures that are resilient. Whether yours is old or new, here are a few tips to keep your dry stone wall in its best shape for years to come: Monitor Regularly Patrol the length of your stone wall at least once or twice per year to check for signs of damage, loose or broken rocks, and wildlife intrusion. These things are usually easy to fix, but they have to be caught before they become a larger issue.
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5 Questions Answered About Copper Rain Chains

Posted on: 19 April 2018

Finding ways to make your home look its best and be more functional is ideal. One way you can make the possible is by buying copper rain chains. These will act as downspouts and offer a tinkling sound that helps make these more attractive. It's ideal to get all of your questions answered if you're thinking about making this purchase. Question #1: Do you need gutters to use rain chains?
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Winter Wonderland? 3 Ways To Stay Warm While Gardening In Winter

Posted on: 3 March 2018

Sure, the growing season is technically over for most plants and the snows show no sign of stopping any time soon, but a dedicated gardener has work to do in their backyard even in the chilliest temperatures. Delicious root veggies like turnips and radishes can thrive in winter, cool season grasses need to be fertilized, and deciduous plants should be pruned int he winter for a healthy spring growing season.
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